“My name is Eva Castillo. I’m an immigrant rights advocate in Manchester, New Hampshire. I’m here in support of Mark MacKenzie. Mark has always been there for us, not only as immigrants but as residents and citizens of the United States. Mark has dedicated his life to serving his community. As a firefighter. He has been president of AFL-CIO. Now he serves at the State House. Mark is not a career politician. Mark is a human being that cares deeply for the people because he is one of us.”

Eva Castillo has over 30 years of experience working in the immigrant community. She serves as vice-chair of the NH Governor’s commission of Latino Affairs and is a Commissioner at the Manchester Police Department. Castillo is on the boards of NHCOSH and GSOP as well as the PCW executive committee of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. She also leads the Manchester Disproportionate Minority Contact committee and serves on the board of the Office of Youth Services in Manchester.