Despite the divisive and discriminatory rhetoric coming from Washington, America was and continues to be a nation of immigrants. We owe our success as a nation and economy to the grit and determination of hundreds of millions of first generation Americans who came here to pursue their dreams.

Our current immigration system is extremely complex and confusing to navigate, harming both prospective citizens and current citizens who lose out on the resoundingly positive impact that immigrants have on the economy. We need to implement comprehensive immigration reform that would streamline our immigration system, and provide more support for new arrivals so that they can integrate into their communities more quickly. We need to permanently protect those under Temporary Protected Status, and end indiscriminate deportations of non-violent undocumented residents who pay taxes and contribute to our economy but live in fear every day. We need to improve and increase resources for community programs that work with recent immigrants and undocumented people so that they have the tools they need to support their families and achieve the American dream.

In New Hampshire, specifically, we have the second oldest median age in the country, and one of the lowest unemployment rates. The future success of our state depends on ensuring we have enough of a workforce to staff the businesses located here, which requires immigrants from both within the US and abroad.