Americans deserve an economy that works for all of us – not just the 1%. Families are working longer hours for less pay, barely scraping by while the wealthiest see record corporate profits and a windfall from the regressive Republican tax plan.

The American Dream should be achievable for all, but for too long working families have seen their benefits, pensions, and job security reduced to the point where even day-to-day subsistence is a struggle.

I have seen and lived this struggle all my life, serving and advocating for tens of thousands of residents both as a Captain in the Manchester Fire Department and as President of New Hampshire’s AFL-CIO. It is this same struggle that will guide all my decisions as your advocate in Congress.

This struggle begins with fighting for progressive policies like universal healthcare, a living wage, paid family/medical leave, quality public education, debt free higher education, protecting social security, and ensuring that all workers are treated with dignity and respect.