My record on labor and workers’ rights stands for itself – all Americans deserve the opportunity to work in a safe environment, earn a decent living, and be treated with dignity and respect. While I sincerely believe these are universal values, working families are assaulted from all sides by corporate and special interests who refuse to give ground without a fight. I have lived this fight for the past four decades, and there is no one who can match my record of fighting and winning for the most vulnerable members of our community.

During my time as president of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO I was proud to successfully defeat anti-worker ‘right-to-work’ seventeen times. I have led the fight in numerous battles including increasing the minimum wage, improving public sector pension benefits, implementing post-retirement medical benefits card check neutrality, guaranteeing COLA adjustments for public employees, securing best value contracting legislation, expanding OSHA training to public contracts, reforming the workers compensation system, and achieving equal pay legislation.

This is a fight I continue in my current role as State Representative for Manchester’s west side, and which I will bring with me to Congress.