In an interview with reporter Jodi Reed, Rep. Mark MacKenzie talked about the issues in his campaign.

On his qualifications: “I have been in the community, on the ground, helping people…. All of this has been about improving benefits, improving working conditions and fighting for people. That’s what the people in the First District want. They want a leader. They want someone who’s tested. They want somebody who’s been there and doing this stuff. That’s what I bring to this campaign, a long history of doing that, a successful history of doing that.”

On energy and the environment: “We’ve got to protect the environment. We’ve got to protect the workers who are in those industries. And we’ve got to come to a place where we back away from fossil fuels and we make this transition by 2050 to a fossil-free economy…. That’s my life’s work, bringing people together, finding common ground. That’s what I do best and I think I can help us move from where we are to where we need to be in the future.”

On the Trump tax cuts: “The tax cut ignores all of the problems that we have in the economy that need our attention. This is not the time to give the richest Americans a tax break. It’s a time to invest our resources into the infrastructure, a good environment, income inequality, family care, things like that. That’s where the money should be going.”

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