New Hampshire is ground zero in the opioid epidemic. Children are losing their parents. Parents are losing their children. A higher percentage of our citizens fall to this terrible disease than anywhere in the nation. We spend the least of any state in New England on treatment, and are the only state in the Northeast without a needle exchange program.

While the ingenuity and dedication of our leaders and first responders have saved countless lives through programs such as Safe Station, we need to ensure we can support existing programs and launch new ones to deal with the crisis.

We will not solve the problem if we do not confront its root. Currently, New Hampshire has few short-term detox facilities and zero long-term facilities. We need funds for long-term residential facilities, which would help recovering addicts confront the social and behavioral factors that led them to addiction.

The President and Congress have pledged to provide funding to combat the epidemic. As your Congressman, I will advocate for the funding New Hampshire and its people so desperately need.