A secure future in retirement is starting to sound like a pipe dream to many Americans. This is a failure of our system. Stagnating wages have only made it harder to save. Fewer workers have pensions and too few have any work-based retirement plan at all. Those with pensions have come under attack. For many Americans, their “nest egg” for retirement – their house – was wiped out with the collapse of the housing bubble.

To address this growing crisis head on, we need to increase Social Security benefits – yet Republicans in Congress have the opposite reaction. Their proposals – increasing the Social Security age, cutting the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment, raising Medicare premiums – will deny millions of Americans the benefits they rightfully earned through their working years.

Everyone deserves to retire with dignity. We need leaders who will protect Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare from cuts, who will instead improve these programs’ long-term finances by promoting broad-based wage growth and full employment. I fought for years to protect the retirement security of New Hampshire workers and will be an outspoken advocate for Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare in Congress.